Impact Surveys


The principal goal of Impact Surveys is to collect quantitative data on a wide variety of indicators for a large number of people. In particular, Impact Surveys:

  • Provide a rich picture of demographics of project beneficiaries
  • Can compare project beneficiaries with non-project beneficiaries
  • Can compare outcomes of project interventions for different points in time
  • Provide a better understanding whether impact occurs, for what group of project beneficiaries it occurs and how big this impact is

How do we work?

  • Facilitation of a kick-off workshop to prepare the Impact Survey and define indicators
  • Use of a tailored questionnaire
  • Random selection of the target group and a control group
  • Training of interviewers on how to collect high quality data
  • Provision of an app and/or online questionnaire to collect the data
  • Making impact calculations which are based on statistical methods and are summarized in an Impact Report
  • Facilitation of a reflection workshop on the results to facilitate learning and improvements and to draw lessons for the design of the potential intervention

The Impact Survey takes 3 to 5 months. The costs vary, depending on sample size, translation costs, local travel costs and interviewer fees.

Research team

Oxfam Novib’s research team is driven to deliver high-quality study reports. Our team has excellent research skills, is experienced in coordinating research studies in complex contexts and has extensive knowledge of measuring social and economic changes in people’s lives.