IMK is presenting the first paper in a serie on social norms that perpetuate violence against women and girls

The paper, titled “YOUNG COUPLES IN GOOD TIMES AND IN BAD. Social norms that perpetuate violence against women and girls among young Tunisians in peri-urban areas”, presents the findings of a formative research for the ENOUGH! Campaign in Tunisia. This Tunisian campaign is part of a global Oxfam campaign that aims to replace harmful social norms with more positive norms that promote gender equality and non-violence.
From the research and subsequent analysis in a workshop, three social norms were identified as drivers of violence. This research informs the development of the ENOUGH! campaign in Tunisia, sharpening its focus on changing the norms that underlie violence against women and girls. The paper can be downloaded here.
The second paper in this series is expected in January 2018. It will examine cultural and traditional practices related to violence against women and girls in Nigeria.